Wood-Fired Pizza Comes to Salem, NH

Our team at Border Brewery has some exciting news to share with you. We’re expanding beyond barbecue and into wood-fired pizza. We still love barbecue, but we’re excited for you to try our new pizzas! In addition to being your favorite brewery and barbecue joint, we’re about to become your favorite pizza place in Salem, NH!

Wood-fired pizza ovens are different from other pizza ovens, so we’re using the blog post to explore what makes wood-fired pizza special.


Ready for the best pizza in Salem, NH? Here’s how our wood-fired pizza is different from what you’ll find at other restaurants.


Fuel and Heat Source

As the name suggests, a wood-fired pizza oven uses wood for fuel and heat. Because the oven is heated directly by burning wood, the temperature is higher than other ovens. While other ovens cook pizzas at 400º to 500º F, wood-fired ovens reach 700º to 900º F. The high temperature cooks the pizza very quickly, and the wood fire creates a smoky and slightly charred crust.


Cooking Style

The way we cook pizzas in a wood-fired oven is different from a gas or electric oven. It is easier to control the temperature in a gas or electric oven, so you can make pizzas that require a longer cooking time. Wood-fired ovens, on the other hand, will be extremely hot no matter what, so the pizzas will cook quickly. Because we use a wood-fired oven, we craft our pizzas with the short cooking time in mind. We make our pizzas with a thin crust and toppings that taste great after a quick blast of heat.


Flavor Profile

Despite requiring a bit more finesse to make, wood-fired pizza remains popular because of its distinct flavor. The wood fire gives the pizza a smoky flavor, and the rapid cooking time creates the crust’s distinct texture. Although the crust is quite thin compared to other pizzas, the high heat makes it crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.


Enjoy Wood-Fired Pizza in Salem, NH

We’re excited to share this new addition to Border Brewery with you. If you already love our beer and barbecue, we’re confident you’ll love our pizza, too. Come visit us in Salem, NH, to try it for yourself!


Contact us at 603-216-9134 or stop in at 224 North Bradway in Salem!

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