Pizza Salem NH: Why We Love Wood Fire Ovens

In the search for pizza perfection, the choice of oven can make all the difference. While modern technology has given us many pizza oven options, from gas-powered to electric ovens, there’s only one choice for us at Border Brewery: wood fire. Our pizza in Salem, NH, is a testament to tradition, and we owe that to our wood fire oven.


At Border Brewery, we’ve set out to make the best pizza in Salem, NH. Here’s how a wood fire oven makes that happen.


Flavor Infusion

Wood-fired pizza ovens impart a distinctive, smoky flavor to pizza that is simply unparalleled. As the wood burns, it releases aromatic compounds that infuse the crust and toppings, creating a rustic and authentic taste that ignites the senses. This unique flavor profile is a result of the high temperatures and the type of wood we use, making each bite a delight.


Crispy Perfection

One of the hallmarks of a wood-fired pizza is its perfectly crispy crust. The intense heat generated by the wood fire ensures rapid cooking, resulting in a crust that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. This contrast in texture elevates the pizza-eating experience, setting it apart from pizzas cooked in other ovens that lack the same level of heat and direct flame contact.


Temperature Control

While some may argue that wood-fired ovens lack precise temperature control compared to gas or electric ovens, seasoned pizza chefs understand the art of managing the fire. By adjusting the size and position of the wood logs, as well as the airflow within the oven, we can achieve the right balance of heat to make the perfect pizza.


Try the Best Pizza in Salem, NH, at Border Brewery

While other pizza ovens may offer convenience, wood-fired pizza ovens reign supreme in flavor, texture, and tradition. A wood fire pizza oven is more than just an oven. It’s the source of culinary artistry that elevates an everyday experience to an unforgettable moment. If you’ve never had this experience with pizza, you’re missing out! Come to Border Brewery in Salem, NH, to experience pizza perfection.


Visit us at 224 North Broadway in Salem to try our new pizza menu!

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