Salem NH Restaurants | Why We Love Mac N Cheese

When you scan the menus of your favorite Salem, NH, restaurants, you see a lot of tasty options. But there are certain items that you expect to see. At BBQ restaurants in particular, there are staples that you just can’t go without. Every BBQ place puts their own spin on the classics, which is what makes trying new restaurants a fun experience. One of those classics that any good BBQ restaurant can’t be without is mac n cheese. We loved it as kids, and we still love it as adults.


Let’s dig in to our love of mac n cheese!


It’s undeniably tasty.

It’s hard to argue that pasta covered in cheese sauce isn’t delicious. It’s savory, tangy, a little bit salty, and an undeniably tasty flavor combination. A consistent crowd-pleaser, mac n cheese is a great side to include with any meal if you want to make everyone happy.  At Border Brewery, we take it to the next level with four different cheeses and beer in the sauce. We also have bacon mac n cheese if you’re craving some extra flavor.


It’s comfort food.

There’s something special about comfort food. It’s not just nostalgia because then we’d all be happy with the stuff that comes out of a box. Comfort food can be different than what we grew up with as long as it reminds us of simpler times. Mac n cheese does just that. Everyone makes it a little differently, but we all have the experience of comfort and warmth when we taste it.


It goes with everything.

The hallmark of a good side dish is that it goes with everything. You want it to have its own flavor, but you don’t want it to overshadow the main event. The salty, tangy flavor of mac n cheese goes great with the sweet and spicy flavors of BBQ, which is why it’s great alongside your BBQ or mixed with it. You’ll love our BBQ on top of some delicious mac n cheese!


Get your favorites at Salem, NH, restaurants!

If you’re looking for great restaurants in Salem, NH, to try this summer, come to Border Brewery! We have great BBQ, beer, and—of course—mac n cheese. We’re sure to become your favorite spot to enjoy a meal and beer with your friends and family.


Visit us at 224 N Broadway in Salem or order online!

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