Part 2: The Steps to Brewing Beer

Welcome back to the world of brewing, where science and creativity converge to create the elixir we know and love as beer. In our last post, we covered the list of ingredients we need to gather before we start brewing. In this post, we’re looking at the steps in the brewing process. We think that the best restaurants in Salem, NH, also brew their own beer, and we have no intention of becoming hypocrites!


Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the steps of the brewing process.



Mashing is what we call the process of mixing crushed malt with hot water. This activates enzymes that convert the malt’s starches into fermentable sugars, creating a sweet liquid known as wort.



Next, we separate the wort from the spent grains. We call this part of the process lautering. Lautering leaves us with a sugary liquid ready for the next step.



In this step, we take the remaining wort and bring it to a boil. At various stages of the boiling process, we add hops to the wort. This boiling process sterilizes the wort, extracts hop flavors, and develops the beer’s bitterness. How many hops and when we add them will change the flavor and bitterness of the beer.



After adding the hops, we cold the boiled wort and transfer it to a fermentation vessel. We add yeast, and fermentation begins. The yeast consumes sugars, producing alcohol and carbonation. This stage can last from a few days to several weeks, depending on the beer type.



After fermentation, the beer undergoes conditioning or maturation, allowing flavors to mellow and any remaining sediment to settle.



Finally, we filter the beer, add carbonation (if necessary), and package it into bottles, cans, or kegs. Now it’s ready to drink or go into the fridge!


Brewing Beer at Restaurants in Salem, NH

Brewing beer is a blend of precision and artistry. Every step in the process contributes to the final flavor, aroma, and appearance. At Border Brewery & BBQ, we’re dedicated to brewing delicious craft beers that perfectly complement our barbecue and taste great on their own. So stop looking for great restaurants in Salem, NH, and visit us for some barbecue and a cold beer.


See how our beer and food compare to other restaurants in Salem, NH. Visit us at 224 N Broadway and taste them for yourself!

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