Alternative Thanksgiving Plans: BBQ Catering in Salem, NH

Some people love all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and we respect that. Others even enjoy making everything themselves, and we really respect that! But what are you to do when Thanksgiving rolls around and you just can’t get yourself excited about turkey, stuffing, and other usual suspects? We think the answer is obvious: BBQ catering in Salem, NH, from Border Brewery! While catering for Thanksgiving is nothing new, putting BBQ on the menu might seem like a wild idea to some people.


We understand that you might need some convincing. Here’s why we think BBQ catering in Salem, NH, should be part of your alternative Thanksgiving plan.


Make a New Tradition

Thanksgiving is a holiday about families and traditions, but all traditions have to start somewhere, don’t they? Even if you want to stick to traditions on Thanksgiving Day, you can bring something new to your “Friendsgiving” celebration. BBQ is tasty and casual and can bring a much-needed feeling of relaxation to a holiday that is so often associated with running around and stressing about getting everything done.


Change Up the Flavors

While you might not want to admit it in mixed company, some people just don’t like the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. If you’re one of those people, know you’re not alone! While these dishes have persisted through generations as traditional Thanksgiving fare, there’s no reason you can’t change it up. BBQ is a medley of sweet, smoky, and spicy flavors, which are perfect for a gathering of friends and family on a chilly November afternoon or evening.


Keep It Simple

In many households, Thanksgiving involves days—if not weeks—of careful planning and cooking to ensure everything is just right and ready on time. And then, when you’re done, you have mountains of dishes to do. When you order catering of any kind for Thanksgiving, you can keep things simple and eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with the holiday. You are still going to have to talk to your relatives, but at least you won’t be exhausted from days of cooking!


Have a BBQ Thanksgiving with Salem, NH, Catering

No matter your reasons for switching up your Thanksgiving plans, you can’t go wrong with Salem, NH, catering from Border Brewery. Enjoy our delicious BBQ on the day and as leftovers for days afterward!


Contact us to learn more about our catering options, and follow us on Facebook for updates!

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