Mac and Cheese Pizza: Comfort Foods Come Together

Pizza and mac and cheese are two foods high up on the list of our favorite comfort foods. It was only natural for us to put them together. At Border Brewery & BBQ, we stand out from other restaurants in Salem, NH, because of our commitment to bold flavors and classic comfort food. If you’ve never had mac and cheese pizza before, you have to visit us and give it a try.


If you’re on the fence about the idea of mac and cheese pizza, here’s why we think it’s the perfect comfort food combo.


Cheese, Cheese, and More Cheese

Pizza has cheese, mac and cheese has cheese; we’re bringing all the cheese together. Sharp cheddar from the mac and cheese blends with mild mozzarella from the pizza to make a cheese medley in your mouth. We know we’ve used the word “cheese” a lot, but when it comes to mac and cheese pizza, it really is all about the cheese.


Carb Up

Nothing says “comfort” like carbs, and you get two for one with mac and cheese pizza. Soft pasta rests on a chewy pizza crust to become the comforting carb overload you need at the end of a long day. Even if you haven’t had a tough day, we won’t judge you for indulging in carb-heavy comfort. We put it on the menu, after all!


All the Textures

It’s not all about flavors and carbs. The texture is also key to every culinary experience. Mac and cheese is a creamy delight, and our woodfired pizza crust is the perfect combination of chewy and crispy. By combining mac and cheese and pizza, we bring the contrast of creamy and crispy to every bite. To elevate the experience even further, we generously sprinkle crispy bacon across the pizza. It’s an extra layer that gives it a special something.


Indulge in Comfort at Salem, NH, Restaurants

At Border Brewery & BBQ, you’ll find barbecue, pizza, and beer all in one place. What more could you possibly want? We certainly can’t think of anything except maybe a great atmosphere. As it turns out, we have that, too! Bring your friends and family and visit us for great food and a great time.


Visit us at 224 North Broadway for pizza, BBQ, and beer. We’re confident we’re about to become one of your favorite restaurants in Salem, NH!

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