50/50 Ale

A cross-continental experiment, this savory Pale Ale divides its hop schedule and grist between American and English varieties, producing a balanced product that divines slightly toasted notes of biscuit and subtly tart green apple beneath a highly-attenuated dry body.

Sixer Light

A standout among our catalog, the Sizer is the only ale to prominently feature Six-Row Barley in the grist, as opposed to its more conventional Two-Row cousin. As a result this hazy Golden Ale has an unmistakably unique flavor that dominates its smooth-drinking body.

Dum-Dum Light

At Border Brewery we strive to provide something for everyone – even the folks who don’t care for the convoluted obscurities of craft beer! Drinking as smooth as the lightest macro-brewed lagers, this humble Golden Ale is the offering of choice for those hard-working men and women who just want a beer.

Extra Special Bitters

Light and bready, this crisp English-style pub ale is designed for all-day drinking, with a mildly malty chew that belies its golden-straw color. Notes of spicy hops shine at the finish, but serve to complement rather than overwhelm the experience. Marked as a brewer’s favorite!