Honey Paw Brown

Most nearly compared with the English Browns south of the River Thames, this ale is similarly stout as the Sticky Paw yet trades much of its caramel and chocolate overtones for honey, raison, and the earthy notes of English Fuggle hops.

Pecan Brown

The velvety-smooth compliment of the Sticky Paw, this nutty Brown Ale has the complexity of delectable pecan pie: the subtleties of brown sugar and bitter molasses paired with pecan, hazelnut, and fig. Like all of our Browns this beer is full-bodied and robust, yet differs with a surprisingly hoppy bite at its finish to prevent the syrupy-sugars from overwhelming.

Sticky Paw Brown

The first beer ever conceived at Border Brewery, this hearty American Brown delivers caramel, chocolate, and subtle hints of coffee wrapped within a surprisingly full-bodied package. Hop bitterness is minimal, with touches of fig and floral spice complimenting the malt-centric draught.