Vienna Saison

By chance we had an excess of Vienna malt on hand, and thus this singularly mellow, fragrant farmhouse ale was devised. Fruity and effervescent, with notes of apricot, plum, and the trace of sweet caramel, this Saison exhibits characteristics reminiscent of the style without being too vinous as to make it unpalatable.

Quad Strong

Marrying the Trappist Quadrupel with the boisterous American Strong Ale has produced a true tour de force; the apex of our craft. The tempting fragrances of pear, stonefruit, and caramel swirl above this deep, rich draught, whose body below tastes thick as molasses, with the flavors of unabashed alcohol and sweet malts.

Belgian Pale

Styled in spirit after a Trappist Dubbel, making use of ancient yeast strains endemic to the brewers’ of Catholic abbeys has transformed our Imperial Pale Ale into a sweet, low-attenuating treat that bears the essence of plum, raisons, and the warming touch of bourbon liquor.

Monk’s Bread

A Trappist Patersbier made from Belgian Pilsen malt and naught but the most miniscule of hop additions, this delicately sparkling beer drinks like a dry champagne. Without much in the way of hops, you might expect little – yet this style proves the great impact that yeast has upon beer’s flavor. Subtle floral and herbal notes can be found in the aroma and finish, reminiscent of apples, pears, and wildflowers.