Maple Porter

Beginning with the unmistakable scent of New Hampshire maple syrup, this sweeter-style Porter delivers on its promise with a mouthful of delightfully autumnal flavors before dissolving into notes of toffee, dried stonefruit and caramel.

Border Porter

A distinctly dry, yet not mouth-puckering so, Porter ale that strikes the characteristics of black coffee and bittersweet cocoa, with a subtle roasted hints of smoky tobacco.

Oatmeal Stout

Notes of toffee, bitter black coffee, and breakfast oatmeal dominate this moderate dark beer, fashioned to be an appreciable substitute to our dizzying array of Imperial Stouts.

Vanilla Bourbon Oak Stout

Tall, dark, and stormy only begins to describe the complex arrangement of vanilla, bourbon and tangy oak that play over the dry-coffee and cocoa of this Imperial Stout. Hints of earthy spice and caramel linger at the edges, with the warming flush of alcohol concluding this crème de la crème of heavenly dark beers.

Peanut Butter Stout

Sweet yet not sweet, boozy yet not burning, our second (and most popular) Imperial Stout is a mind-warp of creamy peanut butter and bitterly dark chocolate that produces a delectable dessert-style beer.

Chocolate Stout

A rich and voluminous Imperial Stout, this famously hefty malt-bomb has a syrupy mouthfeel; as though drinking pitch-black cold brew with a shot of creamy Kahlua and hot cocoa. Hops are utilized only to balance the body, and keep the fashionably low-attenuating brew semi-sweet.