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Products we offer

Because homebrewing and wine making is both a science and an art, particular equipment and materials are necessary to formulate a successful beverage. We understand the importance of supplying our customers with the proper homebrewing and wine making products so we encourage you to visit our Salem, NH location.

Grains, liquid malts, hops, grapes, spices, brewer's yeast, and vintners yeast are just a few of the basic items that are pivotal to making beer and wine. We offer customers many of the products listed below:


  • Choose from powdered or liquid malt
  • Powdered malts come in one and three pound bags - extra light, plain light, amber, wheat, and plain dark
  • Liquid malt "bar" can accommodate any quantity and be customized for any recipe - Briess pilsen light, golden light


  • Super selection of all base and specialty grains by Briess and Dingeman's
  • Munich, 2-row, 6-row, pilsen, vienna, white wheat, flaked barley, flaked maize, flaked oats, flaked rye, flaked wheat, red wheat (insta grains), black, chocolate, caramel 10L / 20L / 40L / 60L / 80L / 120L, carapils, roasted barley, smoked malt, victory, aromatic, biscuit
  • Grind your grain for FREE