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Welcome to Border Brew Supply

We offer a complete selection of home brewing and wine making supplies. Border Brew Supply also provides customers all the valuable information needed to enjoy the ancient art of beer and wine making using modern technology.

We continue to support our community by offering tasting sessions, instructional classes and informational seminars. Joe and Regina believe this philosophy will not only strengthen rapport with customers, but also create connections among people in the community and foster support of fair trade products. Overall, Border Brew Supply has a deep desire to promote the health of the community by encouraging joy through hobbies...

Welcome to Border Brew Supply
On Deck
Always more coming -
On Tap
Sticky Paw Brown Ale - 5.5 ABV
Pepper's favorite brown ale.
Vanilla Bourbon Oak Stout - 9.0 ABV
Nuff said.
Peanut Butter Stout - 7.3 ABV
A peanut butter cup in a glass.
Pale Ale - 6.0 ABV
A hoppy pale ale.
IPA - 5.0 ABV
A Session IPA at 30 IBUs.
Ambah Ale - 5.9 ABV
A great session amber ale.
Pecan Ale - 5.9 ABV
Pecan Pie in a glass.
Lawnmower - 5.9 ABV
A good warm weather smasher.

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Border Brew Supply - 224 North Broadway, Salem NH - P: 603-216-9134 - joe@borderbrewsupply.com